Free online tools: Get started with Impact Support

Have you explored the Impact support website? It’s full of free tools and guidance for charities and social enterprises who want to get started with impact management. The website has three main elements:

• Planning: Plan how to bring about the changes you want to make.
• Data: Then collect and use the right data to know if you’re achieving your goals.
• Culture: It helps to have a culture that embraces learning, so you can improve what you do to better serve the people you support.

To get started try the free data diagnostic to get tailored advice on what data to collect and how.

Evidencing the return on investment

Free Self-Assessment Tool

Measuring up! A free self-assessment tool that allows you to review and improve your organisation’s impact process. Produced by Inspiring Impact. For more information click here

Social Return on Investment

Social return on investment is a method of measuring extra financial value relative to resources  invested, e.g. for every £1 invested by your organisation, you save society £2. Learn more at the NEF Consulting website here

Measuring Wellbeing

How does your work improve the wellbeing of beneficiaries and how do you measure wellbeing and wellbeing inequalities? Access a series of resources on the What Works Wellbeing website here

New Philanthropy Capital

New Philanthropy Capital provide a range of publications on impact, reporting and monitoring, including:

User voice: putting people at the heart of impact practice; click here

Result! What Good Impact Reporting Looks Like click here

Keeping It In Proportion: Impact Measurement For Small Charities; click here

Measuring Your Campaigning Impact: An Introduction; click here

New Global Innovations in Measurement and Evaluation. click here

Direct Access to Good Quality Office Furniture for Charities

Many Not-for-Profit organisations have little to no funding to purchase office furniture, whilst many businesses still choose to discard unused items leading to unnecessary waste. In response, we have developed a simple to use digital platform that connects the two worlds.
Registration is free for Charities and Schools! and signing up is quick and simple. Once registered you will have direct access to, and get notified about, upcoming stock launches on our platform. Relieve’s parent company has been running for over 10 years in Brussels and had great success with many partners to date: Previous Partners.
For more information click here