Online Design Tools

Make promotional materials

Programmes: Microsoft Publisher, Word & Powerpoint  – wide selection of free templates available.

Need professional looking documents?

Most small charities cannot afford to employ a designer to create engaging and professional looking leaflets etc. for their service. It’s ok there is help out there! There are many websites that provide easy to use templates.

Gimp online image editor

Free on-line resources:

  • Canva: Online leaflet designing made easy

Want to edit individual pictures?

Computer software for editing picture can be very expensive to purchase, there are however a few good free editors you can use over the internet.

Need Pictures?

It is well known that an image can say 1000 words. They are very good at getting a persons interest and are very important when designing engaging materials.


Copyright is a form of protection provided by the law to the authors of “original works of authorship.” By virtue of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, works are protected in all 160 countries that are party to the Convention, as well as various other laws such as the US copyright act.

The below bullet points link through to various website that have free images in the public domain (some still require a small fee):

Idea: Get service users to fundraise for you – make a funding guide /totaliser posters etc.