We are pleased to be selected as one of the 57 organisations throughout the UK that will be working with the Home Office to support Ealing and Hounslow’s most vulnerable  and hard to reach EU citizens to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. The EU Settlement Scheme is designed to make it straightforward for EU citizens and their family members to stay after the UK leaves the EU.

The Ealing and Hounslow EU Settlement Service’s is open Monday to Friday offering advice, in person support and application assistance, providing;
• FREE advice line 0800 0564 745.
• End-to-end service: Working with EU citizens through the application process (e.g. helping gather relevant documents, explain form content, and sit alongside applicant to complete process)
• One-to-one immigration advice and practical support.
• Home visiting and care home visits.
• Weekly drop-in sessions to explain and apply for the European Settlement Scheme.
• Weekly accessible workshops to Voluntary groups to raise awareness and better understand the EU Settlement Scheme

Who can access support?
• Victims of Domestic Violence/Modern Slavery/Trafficking/Children
• EU Families
• Victims of domestic abuse
• Elder People –Disabled People /Serious Health conditions
• Young people leaving care
• Residents in Care Homes
Homeless People
• EU elder people












Where is support available?

Hounslow EU Settlement Service
Monday 14:00 – 16:00
Address: Hounslow Library, 1st Floor, Bath Road, Hounslow TW3 3EB
Tel: 0800 0564 745

Ealing EU Settlement Service
Friday 10:00 – 12:00
Address: Villiers House, 4th Floor, Haven Green, London W5 2PA
Tel: 0800 0564 745

Organisations supporting EU Citizens and non EU family members of EU Citizens can direct refer into the project by completing the Service Referral Form 

We also work with groups on a one to one basis to train staff and volunteers on the EU Settlement Scheme and how to identify vulnerable service users who many need to apply.

Should you wish learn more about the service and the additional support Hounslow Voluntary Support Service and Ealing CVS can offer your organisation around the EU Settlement Scheme please contact us:

Hounslow EU Settlement Service
Telephone: 0208 280 2230
E-mail: euss@ealingcvs.org.uk