Hounslow Information

Keep up to date with the latest news for and from the Hounslow voluntary and community sector (VCS) via the monthly Hounslow VCS e-newsletter.

Hounslow Insight Website 

Do you ever need access to up-to-the-minute data reports on population, health, housing, or vulnerable groups in the borough? The Council has an interactive website called Hounslow Insight, providing access to hundreds of data sets presented as maps, dashboards, and area profiles (for a growing list of small areas in the borough including wards, locality areas, and Children’s Centre areas). To see the website click here

Hounslow Stats Bank

The Hounslow Stats Bank is a user-friendly, easy-access collection of free online stats to help VCS groups with new funding bids. It draws on information from a range of reliable national sources to bring you over 90 key statistics about Hounslow borough, with London and national comparisons where possible. All sources are fully referenced so you can drop them straight into your funding bids and go to the source to find out more.

Trust for London – Poverty and Inequality Data for Hounslow 

Trust for London is a funder which focuses on tackling poverty and inequality. Key information about poverty and inequality in Hounslow can be found on their website here

Hounslow VCS Profile

This short profile details VCS areas of work, their status and their range of services. To see the profile click  here VCS PROFILE Hounslow 2017

Deprivation in Hounslow – intelligence briefing 2015

This briefing summarises the findings for Hounslow of the most recent update of the national Indices of Deprivation.  “Deprivation” here refers to a situation where people’s needs go unmet due to a lack of resources. The briefing uses maps to highlight areas of greatest deprivation in the borough.

Hounslow Health Profile 2015

At-a-glance information about key health indicators for the borough, produced by Public Health England.

Hounslow Labour Market Profile 

This profile brings together the most recent figures on a range of information including employment and unemployment data, qualifications and benefit claim information for Hounslow compared with London and the UK.

Family Services Directory

This directory allows you to search a database full of information, advice and guidance on all aspects relating to children, young people and families.

Hounslow Ward Profiles – 2011 Census

Hounslow Ward Profiles using 2011 Census data are available on the London Data Store website. They provide high-level census information about each of Hounslow’s 20 wards, including data on: population, ethnicity, languages spoken, economic activity, top five occupations, top five religious beliefs etc.

Hounslow Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The Hounslow JSNA gives an excellent overview of ‘This is Hounslow’ last updated in 2017. It is full of useful information ranging from population statistics to employment, housing and health statistics for the borough. Click here

Hounslow Thriving Communities & VCSE Sector Strategy 2015-2019

The London Borough of Hounslow’s Thriving Communities and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector Strategy 2015-2019 is a key document outlining how the local authority will work in partnership to support active resident and VCSE involvement in meeting local needs. Contains stats from the annual VCSE survey and informs the Thriving Communities Funding Plan.

Hounslow Advice Providers Directory

Hounslow CAB have produced an advice providers directory. For more information click here 

Hounslow Directory of Support for Residents

Hounslow Council has put together this information to support residents who will be facing significant changed to their individual and household income over the coming years due to welfare reform.

What’s On Hounslow

Hounslow.info is the borough’s information website for everything related to Libraries, Arts & Culture and Parks & Open Spaces, as well as links to Leisure & Halls. You can find the Hounslow What’s On Guide on this site.

London Borough of Hounslow Strategy Updates