Representation and Partnerships

New Compact

The Hounslow Voluntary Sector Compact is a voluntary agreement between public bodies and the VCSE sector in Hounslow. The new updated version is now currently available. Hounslow Community Network has worked closely with the Council’s Community Partnerships Unit to ensure that this new Compact demonstrates our shared values, principles and commitments. To see the new Hounslow Compact please click here

Hounslow Together

Hounslow Together is a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) of public, private and voluntary sector organisations, which comes together to focus on local issues in a strategic and co-ordinated way. Hounslow Together partners work together to drive improvement to the benefit of everyone living, working, visiting and studying in the borough of Hounslow.

Meeting agendas and minutes are publicly available via the London Borough of Hounslow website.

HCN representatives to the partnership:

  • Graham Collins, Integrated Neurological Services
  • Debbie Brenner, Hounslow Friends of Faith
  • Katrina Baker, Groundwork London

Objectives of Hounslow Together:

  • To identify the current strengths, issues and longer terms challenges facing the borough through sharing evidence and information
  • To work together to set the Sustainable Community Strategy for the area and nurture its growth and development, helping work towards economic, social and environmental wellbeing
  • To help communities become stronger and encourage local people and organisations to express their views and aspirations by involving them in planning for the future
  • To work together to identify gaps in provision and eliminate duplication of effort and inefficient use of resources; add value to activities through co-ordinating and sharing resources and information between existing and identified initiatives
  • To ensure that locally, regionally and nationally Hounslow is thought of as a high-performing borough that strives for excellence

For further information on Hounslow Together:


Tel: 020 8583 2531

Community Sport and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN)

The Hounslow Community Sports and Physical Activity Network (CSPAN) aims to improve the health of residents in the borough.

The group has the following objectives:

  • To increase the numbers of people taking part in sport and physical activity by 1% year on year
  • To create more opportunities for people to take part in sport and physical activity
  • To increase the numbers of volunteers involved in sport and physical activity

For more information click here.

Health & Wellbeing Board

The Hounslow Health and Wellbeing Board replaces the former Health & Social Care Partnership Board. Meeting agendas and minutes are publicly available via the London Borough of Hounslow website.

This Board aims to “improve the health and wellbeing of Hounslow’s communities by bringing together the leadership of key organisations to plan and work in partnership, identify local needs and inequalities, scrutinise performance and develop effective plans and services.”

Terms of Reference

VCS representatives to the Board:

Graham Collins, INS, 

Andy Roper, Hounslow Pensioners Forum

Hounslow Community Cohesion Partnership Group (CCPG)

The Community Cohesion Partnership Group aims to foster greater partnership working in the area of community cohesion. As a sub-group of the Stronger United Community Group (SUCG), it will provide the SUCG with direct access to the knowledge and experience of community groups and explore the practical implications of its work.

The HCN rep is Debbie Brenner from Friends of Faith,

Local Children Safeguarding Board

The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a statutory board, which requires all organisations that work with children to cooperate and work together to keep children safe from harm. The VCS rep on this board is Beverley Fyfe from Age UK Hounslow. For more information click here

Safer Neighbourhoods Board

The VCS rep on this board is Debbie Brenner, Chair of HCN. For more information click here.

Hounslow Council Children Delivery Group

The Children’s Delivery Group is the leading strategic body for improving outcomes for children, young people and their families in the borough.  The Group aims to improve services for these target groups through improved co-ordination between member agencies and is accountable to the Health and Wellbeing Board. The VCS rep on this board is Suhel Miah from youth group HAAYA, email:

Hounslow VCS Partnership Board

The VCS (Voluntary & Community Sector) Partnership is a strategic group which brings together voluntary, community and statutory organisations in Hounslow to co-ordinate and monitor LSP (Local Strategic Partnership) partners’ approach to working with and strengthening the third sector. This will ensure cross-cutting actions are implemented effectively and the profile of the voluntary and community sector is raised.

Andy Roper, Hounslow Pensioners Forum is a VCS rep at these meetings.

Hounslow Council and Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Hounslow Community Network engages with London Borough of Hounslow (LBH), Hounslow CCG and other statutory bodies to promote and communicate issues of importance to the local voluntary and community sector.

A recent strategy document that has been developed with input from HCN is the Hounslow Council Four Year “Thriving Communities Funding Plan 2015-2019″.

Community Safety Partnership 

Chris Durkin from the Medical Advisory Service is the VCS rep

Adult Safeguarding Board

There are two reps on this board:

Beverley Fyfe, Age UK,

Karen McLean, HomeStart Hounslow,